Egypt / Jordan

Join Eagle Eye Safaris in Egypt and Jordan for two back-to-back culture-immersed trips exploring ancient history in today’s world.

Pharaohs and Pyramids

Petra and Wadi Rum

Sphinx and Sunsets

Amman and the Dead Sea

Camels and Kings

Nabateans and Nubians

Hidden Tombs and Hot Air Balloons

Jericho and Jeep Rides

And all the riches of ancient times at which to marvel


We will lead you through time in Egypt, touring the must-sees and the lesser-knowns, offering you an experience beyond your imagination. Eman, our enthusiastic PhD-candidate Egyptologist, is a Beduin who loves her country, history, and culture. With tours around Giza, Saqqara, Alexandria, and 4 days on the Nile, we’ll cover everything from the the oldest pyramid to King Tut’s tomb to the new Museum to off-the-beaten path experiences. We’ll immerse in culture, history, archeology, religion as it shaped the region, and fun!

You can add our trip to Jordan as a back-to-back. It’s a quick flight between Cairo and Amman. Our Jordanian guide, Ramsi, traces his roots back to the original town of Petra. The old Petra Inn has been in his family for generations, since the first aqueducts transported precious water to thirsty travelers. Ramsi not only knows the history of his culture and country intimately, he knows everyone. Want to taste camel’s milk, a centuries old staple? We can do that. Want to share a shisha around a fire? Yes, that’s possible. We’ll camp under the stars. We’ll see Petra by day and then by candlelight. We’ll tour Wadi Rum and float in the Dead Sea, all while enjoying local cuisine and hospitality. We’ll see Biblical sites as well as Muslim culture, and learn how they shaped this beautiful country of sandstone. Join us for a fun, educational, cultural trip!


If you want to do both trips, ask about your double-safari discount!

It’s a big world. Let’s explore it together.

Egypt Tour

12 – 22 October 2023

From $4,600.00

Jordan Tour

23-30 October 2023

From $5,000.00

Egypt Tour

15-25 February 2024


Jordan Tour

26 Feb-4 March 2024