EAGLE EYE SAFARIS is going on an ARCTIC Expedition Cruise in search of Polar Bears. You can join us for one of two 8-day trips, or combine both for 15 days for a big discount. Join our intensive small-group Photography Workshop just by booking!

WOW, what a trip!

Embark on an Eagle Eye Safaris’ expedition cruise to the Arctic and experience a wilderness that is truly the stuff of legends, serving as an arena for adventure since the early days of world discovery. This expedition focuses on spotting Polar Bears, whales, Arctic foxes, birds and other wildlife while enjoying the beautiful light for 24 hours a day in the land of the Midnight Sun.

Our Arctic trips are back-to-back to allow you to join one half for 8 days, or both trips for 15 days. Both trips have excellent opportunities for spotting wildlife roaming free in the far north: Polar Bears, Walrus, Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Puffins, Arctic birds, and multiple whale species, especially the Bowhead Whale.

If you have time to combine the trips for a 14-day adventure, you’ll do so at a deep discount but you MUST book using the 14-day combined trip—click HERE**. Whether you do one trip or both, you’ll go home with unique photos and unforgettable experiences.**

The first 8-day trip takes us to North Spitsbergen for rugged coastlines, blue icebergs, and Arctic wildlife, particularly polar bears and whales.

The second possible 8-day trip celebrates Summer Solstice while we sail around East Spitsbergen.  Our goal is to take you to amazing glaciers, fascinating historical sites, bountiful seabird colonies, and the sprawling fjord system.  Yes, we are just as likely to see polar bears during this voyage.

Better yet, combine both trips for a 15-day trip by combining our North Spitsbergen voyage (focusing on polar bears, whales, and pack ice) with our East Spitsbergen cruise (also emphasizing bears as well as the summer solstice).  This combo turns two equally awesome trips into one amazing Arctic expedition at a huge discount.  Please note that you MUST book the combo trip–not each trip separately.

We’ve teamed with Oceanwide Expeditions to bring these trips to you.  By booking through Eagle Eye Safaris, the cost is the same, but you’ll join our exclusive Photography Workshop as an included bonus.

Non-photographers won’t be bored—there’s so much to see and do on this amazing expedition.  And don’t worry, you won’t be cold. You’ll be moving around, and it’s summer in the Arctic. We know how to pack for this trip, and we’ll guide you with must-haves.

The Top of the World is waiting for your footprint. Let’s explore it together!

North Spitsbergen: Polar Bears, Walrus & Whales

10 – 17 June 2024

From $4,000.00

East Spitsbergen: Home of Polar Bears & Summer Solstice

17 – 24 June 2024


Combine North and East Spitsbergen at a HUGE discount and celebrate Summer Solstice

10 – 24 June 2024

From $6,400.00