EAGLE EYE SAFARIS is going on an ANTARCTIC Expedition Cruise with a Photography Workshop for 11 days or 19 days! We invite you to join us!

WOW, what a trip!

Antarctica is the most beautiful, rugged continent on the planet. It’s the land of steep mountains, mile-high glaciers, deep blue ice, penguins, whales, seals, sea lions, and millions of unique birds. Extended daylight and the midnight sun provide excellent light for photography.

Now you have the opportunity to join an 11-day or 19-day bucket-list cruise while combining it with an exclusive, intensive, small-group Eagle Eye Safaris’ Photography Workshop to become a noticeably better photographer. We’ll spend as much time as possible on shore, with the chance to see the most unique wildlife living in the most extreme environment on the planet. We’ll be by your side to point out good compositions and wildlife behavior while on land so you can capture breathtaking photos. We’ll have plenty of classroom and one-on-one time to teach you how to use your camera to the fullest extent, then how to edit your photos with our Lightroom Wildlife Workflow plus some tips in Photoshop, during sea days and down time on the ship.

The 11-day trip goes straight to the Antarctic Peninsula and surrounding islands. Our goal is to land on the Continent itself, and we will have plenty of opportunities to do so dependent on weather. We’ll explore the surrounding Islands, see as much of Shackleton’s route as possible, and land on the Continent so you can claim it, weather permitting. Only the hardiest wildlife lives here year round, and we’ll see them close up. We might even get to the southernmost post office and museum in the world, Port Lockroy!

The 19-day trip swings by the Falkland Islands, where we’ll see colonies of penguins, albatross, terns, skuas, seals, sea lions and more. We’ll look for endemic species as we explore the beautiful coastline. Then it’s off to South Georgia, home to the largest colonies of King Penguins in the world. Imagine 500,000 penguins calling to each other at one time—and they can hear their mate’s and chick’s voices among the din! After immersing ourselves in almost overwhelming wildlife experiences, we’ll sail south to the end of the earth—Antarctica. Our itinerary will be similar to the 11-day trip from here on.

We’ve teamed with Oceanwide Expeditions to bring these trips to you. By booking through Eagle Eye Safaris, the cost is the same, but you’ll join our exclusive Photography Workshop as an included bonus.

Non-photographers won’t be bored—there’s so much to see and do on this amazing expedition. And don’t worry, you won’t be cold. You’ll be moving around, and it’s summer in Antarctica. We know how to pack for this trip, and we’ll guide you with must-haves.

The Seventh Continent is waiting for your footprint! It’s a big world. Let’s explore it together!

Antarctica – Discovery & Learning Voyage

05-15 January 2024

From $8,650.00

Antarctica – Falkland Islands South Georgia

04-22 January 2025

From $15,750.00