How would you like to soar silently over the misty Mara plains at sunrise in a brightly colored hot air balloon, watching wildlife below? There’s nothing like floating on a gentle breeze, watching the world slowly slip by. Other than the occasional sound of the burner, it’s totally silent, and you can hear ever peep, growl, grunt, and snort below. Zebra and wildebeest have no idea we are above. We might see lions stalking prey, soar above vultures, or watch cheetah race after a gazelle. Let’s fly like a bird, dancing on the winds!

We’ll land wherever the breeze takes us, then we’ll enjoy a celebratory Champagne Breakfast in a clearing. Maybe elephants will visit us, or giraffe will browse acacia trees nearby. We’ll be surrounded by nature during this special experience. Raise a toast—you’re in Africa!

* Cost:

450 USD per person

* Minimum/Maximum:

Minimum 2 clients

Maximum 10 clients

Your Hot Air Balloon Ride and Champagne Breakfast will take place in lieu of one morning game drive. Date on safari will be determined by weather conditions.

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