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Antarctica Expedition Cruise (7-16 December 2023)

Start Date: 07-12-2023      

End Date: 16-12-2023      


18 spot/s available

PLEASE NOTE—this trip has two separate bookings:

For the optional Photography Workshop, add to your cart (below) and pay through our check out. 

For the Antarctic Cruise, Click Here  to select your cabin and activities, and we’ll follow up quickly with your payment link.

18 spot/s available

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EAGLE EYE SAFARIS is going on an ANTARCTICA Expedition Cruise with a Photography Workshop for 10 days!  We invite you to join us!

7- 16 December 2023

WOW, what a trip!  Antarctica is the most beautiful continent on the planet. Join a 10-day bucket-list cruise while joining an exclusive small-group Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop for 10 days and become a much better photographer.

We’ll set foot on the Seventh Continent and get close to penguins. Included are a free Unlimited Drink Package, free Expedition Parka (yes, it’s super warm), keepsake swag bag, educational lectures, the chance to meet fun like-minded people and make lifetime friends and much more.   What’s stopping you?

You’ll have one-on-one and group access to our knowledge, insight, and assistance. We’ll have hands-on Photography classes where you’ll learn to operate every setting on your camera. We’ll teach you what to look for so you can take impactful photos. We’ll coach composition in the field and teach cool tricks (ha! see what we did there!) to take your images to WOW!

Our Wildlife Workflow classes in Lightroom will get you totally comfortable using the program and editing your own photos, plus you’ll learn Photoshop basics to enhance your skills.  You’ll have photos ready to print and hang on your wall when you go home, plus the skills to continue improving at home. Our comprehensive workshop will give you a great foundation as a beginner and fill in holes if you are a struggling hobbyist. Don’t go to the most beautiful continent on earth without your camera and a plan to use it wisely!

Joining the exclusive group for our 10-day Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop is just $795; add it to the cart right here on our page and select Pay Now.

PLEASE NOTE—this trip has two separate bookings:

  • The exclusive Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop: To participate in the Photography Workshop Group, book here (above) on our page. 
  • The Antarctic Expedition Cruise:  Select your cabin and optional activities on the Antarctic Cruise link, and we’ll follow up quickly with your payment link.

We can try to pair solo travelers if you’d like a roommate if another traveler of the same gender is also looking for a roommate.  We can’t guarantee it, however. EVERYONE is welcome on this trip! 

* Cost in USD (see Terms for details):

Optional exclusive small-group Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop:  $795.00

Double Occupancy & Triple Occupancy cabins:  Varies from $6990 per person for a Triple Porthole to $14,990 for a Premium Balcony Suite (see choices below)

Solo Occupancy Cabins:  $10,990 – 15,990 (see choices below)

Enter to WIN the Polar Suite!


Solo:  $10,990 – 15,990


* Ship:

Ocean Victory—Karen was on her maiden voyage and can attest to her stability and luxury!

* Terms:

Pay in Full in January to get a FREE CABIN UPGRADE!


Deposit: 25% within 14 days of being invoiced

50 % Due:  6 June 2023

100 % Due: 4 September 2023

(We will invoice you two weeks prior to due dates)

(For the January Upgrade sale, credit cards are subject to a 3.2% convenience fee. Bank transfers do not incur a fee. For non-holiday sales, there are no extra fees)


* Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop Itinerary:

At sea on Day One and Two, we will have scheduled Photography Classes where we will cover basic and advanced camera functions, basic and advanced photography skills, photographic styles and composition, plus tips and tricks to make your photos pop.  Once we have a few photos under our belts, we’ll begin our Wildlife Workflow Lightroom editing class, teaching you how to organize Lightroom and start editing. We will work in small groups and one-on-one as much as possible so you will bring home incredible photos that you took, edited and are ready to print. Photoshop instruction will be added as you feel you are ready for it.

In Antarctica, we’ll leave the boat in the mornings and afternoons for zodiac and shore excursions, depending on weather. Ernest and Karen will be available to help you with settings, composition, and offer ideas on shore and in the zodiacs.  Mid-day and evening photography and editing classes will continue in-between and after shore excursions and meals.  You’ll have plenty of time to spend with your companions and new friends, too.

On our way back to Ushuaia, we’ll work on final edits and have a slideshow of everyone’s best shots.  Your photos will be ready to send to the printer when you get home so that you can hang your own great art on your walls.


* Max Clients on this Trip:

NO LIMIT for those joining only the cruise.

The Photography Workshop is limited to 18 guests so we can ensure one-on-one time with you.  Bring your non-photographer spouse, friend, SO, cousin, and know that they will have an enjoyable time while you work on photography, and yes, you’ll still have lots of quality time with them too.

* Leader:

1 – 9 Photography Workshop Clients:  Karen

10 – 18 Clients:  Ernest and Karen

* Photographic Skills Level:

Beginner to pro, including phone cameras, DSLRs, and Mirrorless!

* Fitness Level:

Average to fit:  you must be able to manage stairs while a boat moves, get in and out of a zodiac (you will have help—it’s mandatory), and navigate uneven terrain on shore including snow and ice. Some accommodations can be made for those with disabilities or who need extra help.  Please ask us and we can see what we can do for you!

* Health Considerations:

Evacuation Insurance is mandatory, minimum $500,000.  Travel insurance including Covid insurance/Any Reason is HIGHLY recommended. Neither type of insurance is very expensive, surprisingly!

Covid and Flu are possibilities on a cruise ship. We will do everything possible to mitigate risk, but it’s not possible to ensure that there will not be infections.  Please consider your comfort level with that risk before committing to this trip. There is an on-board doctor and hospital suite with basic surgical and life-saving equipment.

Food preferences and allergies can be accommodated.

* Safety Considerations:

We take every precaution to keep you safe. All staff are certified in their jobs and trained to the highest level. The ship is new and built to the highest standards of safety.  There is inherent risk in going on any cruise, however. Please be sure to assess your risk tolerance.

* Inclusions:

    • 10-day cruise with accommodation
    • Unlimited Drinks Package for beer, wine, and well spirits/cocktails!
    • Meals and snacks
    • Shore and zodiac excursions
    • Expedition Parka (Yours to keep!)
    • Insulated rubber Muck boots for landings and zodiac use
    • Guiding and lectures by expedition leader and team members
    • Photography and editing instruction by Eagle Eye Safaris if you’ve opted for the Photography Workshop Package
    • Taxes, Port Fees, Document Fees
    • Welcome and Farewell cocktails
    • Keepsake swag bag
    • Digital visual journal link after the voyage, including voyage log, gallery, species list, and more
    • More fun than you knew people could ever have!

* Exclusions:

    • Extra excursions and optional activities not mentioned in itinerary
    • Meals outside of the Antarctic Expedition Cruise footprint
    • Crew gratuities (we recommend USD $ 14 per day)
    • Personal expenses such as laundry, gift shop, etc
    • Flights and accommodations to and from Ushuaia, Argentina before and after the cruise footprint
    • Anything not specifically mentioned under Inclusions

Expanded Details:

Our classic Antarctica Expedition Cruise will depart Ushuaia, Argentina, and sail south through the infamous Drake passage on our way to Antarctica. For four days, you will explore the spectacular scenery of the continent and its surrounding islands. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to make multiple landings, getting close to penguins, sea lions, seals, and seabirds for incredible photos. We’ll enjoy zodiac cruises through iceberg fields, awed by the carved shapes of blue ice.  You can kayak, swim (POLAR PLUNGE!), snowshoe, and see Antarctica up close, something not many people have done!  Everyone will be able to get off the ship for all excursions to spend as much time exploring Antarctica as possible.  We’ll be with our Eagle Eye Safaris Photography Workshop guests as much or as little as you want.

Our onboard time will be a lot of fun with the chance to make lifetime friends! We’ll have lots of games and activities. You can attend lectures and presentations from your onboard expedition staff with rich content about wildlife, history, geology, and the conservation of Antarctica. You’ll eat excellent food prepared by gourmet chefs, and snack on world-class treats. We will all have time to sit and share our photos and chat about our experiences on this unique trip.  We’ll spend time on deck to watch and photograph as whales, icebergs, penguins and landscapes slip by.

Don’t forget the included FREE Unlimited Drink Package!  The kettle and coffeepot are always full, and the bartender is always available.

Wildlife & Photography Highlights:

You’ll be clicking every time you turn around!  We might see:


Penguins – Emperor and Adele (found only on the continent), Chinstrap, Macaroni, and Rockhopper

Albatross – Wandering, Black-browed, Sooty, Light Mantled, Gray-headed, Royal

Petrels – Southern Giant, Snow, Antarctic, Cape, Storm, Blue, White-chinned

Terns – Antarctic, Arctic

Prions – Antarctic, Fairy

Shearwaters – Great, Sooty

Skuas – Brown, South Polar

Shags – Imperial, Antarctic

Southern Fulmar

Kelp Gull

Snowy Sheathbill


Seals – Weddell, Crabeater, Leopard, Elephant, possibly Antarctic Fur seals

Whales – Humpback, Antarctic Minke, Blue, Fin, Sei, Right, Sperm

Dolphins – Orca, Hourglass, Commerson’s, Peale’s Southern Right Whale Dolphin, Dusky, Long-finned Pilot Whale


Icebergs, glaciers, mountains, seascapes and more

Detailed Photography/Lightroom Course:

We’ll spend two days teaching you how to use your camera, from focusing to metering, from Manual Mode to Aperture Priority, and every function in between. We’ll teach you about exposure compensation, which you’ll need against the bright snow.  We’ll practice on the many birds that will be following us, the ever-changing waves, and interesting things on the ship.

Once we are comfortable with our cameras and have a few decent photos, we will begin to teach our basic Wildlife Workflow and editing skills in Lightroom. You must bring a laptop loaded with Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC for this workshop (Do NOT download Lightroom CC!) Please check the Adobe website for their $9.99/month package or ask us for the link. The Lightroom and Photoshop course is limited by the length of the cruise.

In Lightroom we will look at the following, but not limited to:

      • An introduction to Lightroom: how to improve your photo management and processing.
      • Setting up Lightroom to keep things simple yet effective: files and folders.
      • The basic concept of Lightroom. The catalog vs your photo files; important settings in Lightroom.
      • Importing photos and backup strategies.
      • Renaming multiple photos and creating standard templates for renaming photos.
      • Finding and filtering: keywords, text, attributes, and metadata.
      • Setting up presets.
      • The Library module overview
      • Basic wildlife workflow editing in the Develop module.
      • Introduction to Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web modules.
      • Collections: smart collections and hierarchies.
      • Sizing and Exporting photos for social media or print.
      • Editing in Photoshop through Lightroom.

In Photoshop we will look at the following, but not limited to:

      • Important settings in Photoshop
      • Selective Sharpening and Noise Reduction
      • Multiple methods of Sharpening
      • Basic color and lighting adjustments.
      • Using the Tool Pallet for editing wildlife photographs.
      • Color spaces, and 8-bit vs 16-bit processing.
      • Cloning and using Content Aware.
      • Image Sizing, DPI and how to use these tools to determine print size and quality of your photos.
      • Creating Actions and Batch Processing
      • Using Lens Correction
      • Photo Merging
      • Explaining Layers and how they can be used in Photoshop

Please email questions to

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


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